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Despite its simple appearance, the portfolio displays elegance and meticulous attention to detail. The website’s homepage clearly presents information about his skills and the services he offers. If you continue scrolling, you’ll find a contact form for potential clients and links to his social media profiles. Visitors can navigate his web developer portfolio by controlling a car to explore each section, from his projects to social media links. In his web developer portfolio, the French front-end developer and graphic designer Charles Bruyerre displays a unique style. Now that you know what to include in your portfolio, here are 25 web developer portfolio examples to inspire you.

Do front-end developers have portfolios?

A front-end developer portfolio is a collection of projects that showcase your skills as a web developer. It can include anything from simple websites to complex web applications. Your portfolio should be designed to show off your skills and highlight your best work.

Pick up the pieces of what you like and then pull them into a unique portfolio that speaks to who you are and what you bring to the table. Tobias Ahlin’s header image immediately showcases his ability to create a unique web experience. You get a feel for who he is and what he does the moment you land on the page. As you scroll, you can see his latest blog posts and review some of the projects he is working on. This impressive portfolio is interactive and has a tactical feel, despite its simplicity. If you’ve been granted approval, showcase your work and contributions to the front-end site experience of the big-name clients you’ve worked with.

Web Developer Portfolio Examples (Best Inspiration of

Front end developer portfolio on CakeResume by Isadora MartinezIsadora Martinez created her front end developer portfolio on CakeResume. The great thing about CakeResume portfolio is that you can quickly see how many people have clicked and liked your projects. Here we’ve compiled 10 front end developer portfolio examples to get your brain juice kicking in. If you’re still stuck on how to start, browse online for some front end developer portfolio inspirations. You might come across a developer that specializes in the same thing as you do and see how they make their front end developer portfolio stand out.

front end developer portfolios

A strong web developer portfolio is essential when you’re applying for jobs or projects in any web development company. In addition to showcasing your programming skills, it also provides a chance to display your creativity. One thing to love about Matt’s front-end web developer portfolio is its simplicity.

Know what to Include (and What to Avoid)

If you know someone looking to launch their music, acting, chef career, etc., help them design and build their site. It’s definitely a way to get more coding experience and also get to know people in your life better. I’ve seen my colleagues work on things like To-Do list apps, chat apps, a tracker to stay up-to-date with TV shows, generating knitting pattern combinations, and numerous games. They picked a problem to solve or a hobby they could explore with their coding skills.

  • Excellent web design can create a good first impression, showcase a brand’s personality, and let visitors easily navigate the website.
  • Together, these factors push the industry forward at amazing speeds, while also making it more difficult for individual web developers to be outstanding.
  • It uses a drag-and-drop interface with a design navigation menu that’s reminiscent of the layers menu you might find in an Adobe tool.
  • Highlight some of your completed works on your front end developer portfolio projects section.

Creating a portfolio can be a daunting task, but it’s essential for any web developer. By following these tips and web developer portfolio examples, you can create one that will become a front end developer sell your skills and help you make an impression. A Front-End Developer portfolio serves to showcase your skills, past projects, and experience with front-end development.

Find even more inspiration

As a front-end developer responsible for UI decisions, post screenshots and before/after of your work if possible as well, alongside explanations of your thought process. A good online portfolio gets out of the way and showcases the work. Show your potential employers and potential clients— don’t just tell them. Front end developers need a portfolio because it allows them to highlight a portion of their skills.

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If so, check out the website designed by Robby Leonardi, which has an interactive portfolio that looks and feels just like a video game. Each level highlights his skills or experience, along with personal quips about what he likes and doesn’t like. Another important aspect of your portfolio is contact information. If people love your work, you want them to be able to get in touch easily. Include your phone number and email address on your portfolio, either under a specific contact page or in the footer.

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